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When looking into fencing options, you may consider an “invisible” dog fence. Invisible dog fences are completely different from traditional fences, and they may or may not be the right choice for your yard and your dog. It’s very important to carefully consider the pros and cons of an invisible dog fence before you commit to purchasing and installing one. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages to consider.




Many Placement Options: Invisible dog fences can turn tight corners and be placed in circular or rounded configurations. The versatility of wire as compared to traditional fence sections can help you fully customize your dog’s boundaries in your yard. This can be particularly helpful for very small or oddly shaped yards, because rigid fences can sometimes be difficult to place.


Effective for Escape Artists: Dogs that have the tendency to escape from the yard are often better contained by an invisible fence system. In particular, dogs that like to dig underneath fences will be unable to get through the electronic fence in the same manner. If your dog is an escape artist, an underground dog fence – alone or in addition to a traditional fence – may be just what you need to ensure they stay put.


Doesn’t Obstruct the View: While fences are often an attractive element of a landscape, sometimes they’re just in the way. If your yard overlooks a lake, mountain, or golf course, for example, you may not want to obscure the view by placing a tall fence in between. Invisible dog fences are excellent for keeping the landscaping unaltered and pristine.


Inexpensive for Acreage: On a farm or ranch, or over many acres, traditional fences can get very expensive. If you have a very large area you want to enclose, it is often much less expensive to use a DIY electric fence. After you purchase the main system, you only need to get enough wire to go around the perimeter, and wire is cheaper than fence.




Only Works One-Way: One of the main disadvantages of invisible dog fencing is that it doesn’t keep other people or animals out of your yard. If your dog is aggressive, it’s especially important to prevent children or loose dogs from crossing over into your dog’s territory. If wild animals or wandering people are concerns of yours, you may need to erect a traditional fence as a barrier.


Not Right for All Dogs: Invisible dog fences cannot be used on dogs that are pregnant, ill, or under six-months-old. If your dog falls into any of those categories, you’ll need a traditional fence to contain them. For very aggressive dogs, it’s also not recommended that they be contained with an invisible dog fence alone. Sometimes a traditional fence is required for certain dogs.


Requires Training: It’s important to consider the training that goes into an invisible dog fence system, because it’s the most important part of effective use. Training must be complete and consistent, and it takes about 15-30 minutes, twice a day, for two weeks. If you cannot commit to the time or effort it takes to train your dog, do not get an invisible dog fence.


Requires Power Source: A power source is obviously necessary for an electronic dog fence, and sometimes there are no convenient outlets. Solar panels can be used, but they aren’t as reliable. If you live in an area that frequently loses power, an invisible dog fence might not be a good option for you. Traditional fences won’t raise your electric bill at all.


There are clearly many differences between traditional and electronic fences. When it comes down to it, it’s often a matter of personal preference. No matter what type of fence you prefer, it’s very important to consider all the different options. There are many types of invisible dog fences, just as there are several different types of traditional fences. It’s a good idea to carefully look over invisible fence reviews before selecting one system.


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  • Jordan

    Great post here! There’s lots of factors to consider when looking for a fence for your pet, so it’s important to find the perfect one. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of invisible dog fences!