How To Maintain Your Newly Installed Wood Fence 1

wood-fence-nj-2Installing a wood fence is a good way to give a business or home a well-defined, elegant border. It’s also good for keeping kids within your property and pesky varmints out. It also changes the look of the house. However, without the proper maintenance, your wood fence can start to rot and decay. This is because wood is an organic material (unlike vinyl or aluminum). Today we are going to show you how to keep your wood fence in pristine condition and last a lifetime!

Wood fences are usually made of cedar. This is because cedar is a tough wood that is more resistant to rotting than any other type. If you want your wood fence to make it through bad weather (ice, rain, heat, etc), make sure to choose cedar – it lasts a long time.

Make sure to go for pressure treated cedar. This not only helps prevent rot and decay but it also keeps bugs and water from getting inside the wood. Installing a pressure treated wood fence might cost a bit more but, believe us, it’s worth it.

With time, you will have to apply a wood preservative to your fence in order to keep it from warping and/or rotting. It’s like staining a deck, it keeps mother nature from breaking down the wood. These preservative coats cost about $10-$20 at your local hardware store or ask us, we’d be glad to give you a good deal.

If your fence was pressure treated, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting on a preservative coat because chemicals have already been injected into the fence to keep it from rotting. The chemicals injected are a small, non-toxic amount so it isn’t harmful to your yard or animals.

Lastly, try to minimize the amount of water that gets on your fence by preventing your garden hose or sprinkler system from spraying it.

There you have it, a few simple ways to keep your newly installed wood fence in perfect condition!

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