Fence Installation NJ Permits

Building codes and local zoning ordinances may restrict ones fence installation, both in regards to height and design. No one “likes” zoning laws, but a lot of the restrictions (in these types of situations) are smart.

For instance, fencing using a corner lot should not be high enough to obscure drivers’ views at the intersection of the two roads your property abuts. Obviously, this would create a safety threat.

Here are a few other matters to check on prior to be able to fence setting up:

  • In some locales, you will need to obtain the building permit prior to the fence setting up. How can you find out if you would like one where you reside? Ask your NJ town’s building inspector.
  • Employ a surveyor to determine precisely where your property boundary sits. Alternatively, just make sure the boundary lies well in the confines of ones own property.
  • It is advisable to determine the location of gas, mineral water and strength lines, before digging. Use the “Dig Safe” phone-number in your locale. It’s free, whereas if you damage an energy line while installing a fence, repairing which damage most certainly isn’t!

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