Monthly Archives: April 2014

Split Rail Fence: NJ’s Favorite Fencing Designs

The Split Rail Fence design/materials have recently seen a resurgence in popularity over the past fifteen years. Why? Good question! We have been trying to figure that out for a while. Our gut tells us that homeowners are opting for split rail fences because they compliment older, more traditional homes (which are starting to see a comeback as well).

The simplicity and natural look of a wooden split rail fences are timeless. Maybe they remind us of a time when life was simpler. Whatever the reason for the rise in popularity of split rail fences, you are sure to see at least one the next time you drive down a residential neighborhood.… [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Vinyl Fencing: How To Choose The Best Style

Thinking about having a vinyl fence installed on your property? Smart choice!

Vinyl fencing has become, by far, one of those most popular styles of fence in the New Jersey area. Why? Because it’s the best of everything. Vinyl is cheap to produce because it’s a plastic, it is fairly strong and it’s virtually maintenance free. Even if it does get damaged, it can be replaced very fast!

In fact, at a fence industry expo, we were introduced to a 3D printer specifically for vinyl fence parts. That means if your fence was damaged, we could easily scan the broken part and “print” a new one for you in a matter of minutes!… [CLICK TO READ MORE]